How to create google gmail account ?

Create Gmail Account:-
Gmail account is very essential, especially for students. We need a google account for android mobiles to login to Google Play Store and to create a  new blogger website we also google account.
To send or receive emails we need a google account

Steps to create Gmail Account:-

1. Open any browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other.

2. Enter on the browser and hit enter.

3. You will find below GUI.

4. Click on Create account.

5. Please fill all the fields FirstName, LastName, UserName, Password, and Confirm Password and hit on the Next button.

6. If the username already exists for the typed username then you have to change the username or may also select the username from the suggestions

7. After Click on NEXT below screen is shown.

8. Here Phone Number is optional you set it later but Date of Birth and gender is mandatory to enter while creating Gmail account.

9. Hit on Next Button after inserting all the details.

10. The Google terms and Condition screen appears you have to click on the I Agree button to proceed further.

11. You will get a pop model that Welcomes you to Google Gmail Account.

I hope this post helps you to create a Gmail account.

I also create a youtube video to create a Gmail account please go through it for better understanding.

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